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GIVE! 2018

Our deadline to find a GIVE! matching grant sponsor is August 31, 2018

For the third year in a row Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary has been selected as a participant in IndyGive, the yearly campaign to help raise funds for about 100 local nonprofits that might otherwise not get much attention. social media, marketing, technology, data management and governance. Matching grants encourage individual giving by doubling an individual donor’s impact if total donations reach the matching grant target. The minimum matching grant is $500, and there’s no maximum. The annual Give! campaign runs through November and December. The non-profits (and any matching grantors) are profiled in local media outlets and also use the time to host events that help the public become familiar with what they do and how any donation dollars are spent. Each non-profit has a page on the Give! website that describes their purpose and a specific project that Give! funds will be used for. Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary must obtain at least one matching grant to remain as a participant in the GIVE! 2018 program. The deadline for finding matching grantors is August 31.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

The Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary Team

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Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary is committed to caring for special needs equines at risk of being neglected, sold at auction, sold into the slaughter industry, or euthanized needlessly. We provide these horses with a safe place to live out the rest of their lives. Spirit Keeper provides the veterinary care, dental care, hoof care, individualized nutrition, enrichment, and psychological support needed to ensure each animal experiences comfort and wellness. We offer community education classes, workshops, and clinics in science-based animal husbandry and training, basic equine behavior and handling, and animal emergency preparedness. We have a trainer on our board who provides riding lessons and horse training on a limited basis with monies raised going directly to the care of our resident equines. Learn more about us by viewing our newsletters and fact sheets:

Spirit Keeper FAST FACTS!

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Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary was fortunate to be chosen as a 


We Raised: $28,125.00

From: 109 donors

The GIVE! funds were combined with $1125.00 we raised on #GivingTuesday via Facebook and went 100% to the purchase of materials, labor, and installation of a 1/2 acre corral with safe, sturdy welded pipe. We also had enough to purchase the materials for a 5-acre pasture to be enclosed in the same safe manner. The materials for the 5-acre pasture are on site and ready for installation; however, we are $7500.00 short to have the work done. Our goal is to raise $7500.00 by June 1, 2018 (sooner if possible) to pay for the labor and installation.

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At-Risk Equines

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary provides a safe environment and comprehensive care for at-risk equines. These are horses in danger of slaughter, euthanasia, abuse, and neglect. Our resident horses may be elderly, have special nutritional requirements, chronic medical conditions, physical disabilities, psychological trauma, or behavioral issues. Their conditions typically prevent them from being ridden or "wanted" by certain individuals and make them unadoptable by rescue organizations; however, these horses may still enjoy an excellent quality of life when properly loved and cared for. 

Other Species

Spirit Keeper Equine provides special needs care, training, rehabilitation, and sanctuary for other animal species on a case by case basis. We are a Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue approved foster home. We assist by providing transport for collies and occasionally other animals from their current location to an approved rescue facility. We currently provide a home or foster care and/or training to 1 goat, 3 potbelly pigs, 11 collies, 1 poodle,  1 terrier mix, 1 Norwegian Elkhound, 12 companion cats, 7 feral cats, 12 snakes (8 pythons and 4 boas), and 1 chicken. 

Education & Conservation

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary strongly supports science-based medicine, training, animal care, husbandry, rehabilitation, behavioral research, and conservation. We are dedicated to educating our staff and volunteers, board, community members, the general public, emergency responders, and anyone working with animals. We offer seminars, workshops, classes, and courses. The link below will take you to the page on our site for details and more information about our programs. 



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